Mixed Martial Arts


Judo Classes At Fight Den MMA, we focus our Judo, and classical Jiu Jitsu for no gi competition and MMA. We do use the gi from time to time to teach collar chokes, and practice Krav Maga street safety techniques to counter chokes, and to learn street Judo throw. Proficiency in all grappling styles is […]


Kickboxing Lessons If your ordinary work out session is beginning to feel a bit too routine, you may want to consider kickboxing as an exciting alternative. More than just a combat sport, kickboxing is also a full body workout that combines a variety of fighting styles and techniques to give you a well rounded and […]

Muay Thai

Muay Thai Classes At fight den mma we use Muay Thai to set up our clinch and ground attacks. We pride ourselves on having some of the best ground grapplers and fighters in the country, so when we use our striking skills in the cage or in competition, it sets up our takedowns. Stylistically, opponents […]