Krav Maga Weapons & Disarm

Women’s Classes

In Hebrew, Krav means “combat” or “battle” and Maga translates to “contact” or “touch”. Krav Maga is not a sports style of martial arts, rather focusing on real-life self-defense and hand to hand combat situations. Along with this, it emphasizes stopping threats quickly and getting away safely. In order to safely deal with threats, brutal attacks […]

1 on 1 Private Lessons

Get 1 on 1 Private Lessons With Fight Den Our goal here at Fight Den MMA is to help every ninja become a better version of themselves! We use the latest technology and curriculum backed by years of research and development by accumulating the best Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga techniques, and sharing it in […]

Krav Maga

Krav Maga at FIGHT DEN MMA is mainly based off of Jiu Jitsu/MMA styled Krav Maga. Jiu Jitsu based Krav Maga is a brutally effective tactical mixed martial art/combative and self-defense system that lives up to its reputation. If you too have ever wondered what Krav Maga is all about, it is structured on street […]