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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building Activities Fight Den MMA offers corporate team building activities and seminars for companies and groups in a unique way: through group fitness. We offer comprehensive courses and seminars for groups of all sizes focusing on self-defense and an array of fitness techniques. From multi-million dollar corporations doing corporate team building exercises to […]


Boxing Classes Fight Den Boxing Learn how to use dirty boxing techniques that are illegal in boxing but perfectly legal in the cage and in MMA competitions around the world! Pad work and sparring sessions available for amateur and pro fighters training for fight camps only! Must be booked for an upcoming fight or attemtping […]


Pro Wrestling A secret we keep here at Fight Den MMA, all Professional and amateur wrestling is based off of Japanese Jiu Jitsu! Catch Wrestling origins came from Germany, through Japanese Jiu Jitsu practitioners who taught Legendary Wrestler Ad Santel. Though even the original Olympic games had a fighting form that combined wrestling, submissions, and […]